Black United Fund Sacramento Valley, Inc.

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Growing Our Own: Creating Community through Nonprofit Development

This premiere program consists of quarterly workshops on topics relevant to nonprofit creation and growth. Workshop topics include: state and federal requirements for starting a nonprofit; developing an effective board; grassroots fundraising, and creating community partnerships.

The goals of this program are to:

  • Stimulate new start-up nonprofits
  • Stimulate micro-nonprofits to serve local neighborhoods
  • Assist new nonprofits to move from start-up to long-term sustainability
  • Raise awareness about the value and importance of a strong nonprofit sector
  • Be a nonprofit leadership resource

Individuals and organizations that successfully complete the start-up phase will receive a mini-grant, opportunities for continued support from the program, and opportunities to network with other start-up groups.

On-going Community Collaboration

Since 2003, BUFSV has participated as a major co-sponsor, planning committee member, and workshop presenter for the annual congress of African People’s Convening, held each year on the first Saturday following Labor Day. The convening’s purpose is to create a space and opportunity for people to come together to discuss ideas, perspectives, and vision for their community. The convening does not have an action agenda but encourages participants to return to their local neighborhoods inspired to define their own role as change agents.

Community Kwanzaa and Walter Bremond Memorial Service Award collaboration with the Sacramento Area Black Caucus

Each year BUFSV celebrates Kwanzaa in collaboration with the Sacramento Area and other organizations. At this annual event, BUFSV confers the Walter Bremond Memorial Community Service Award to an individual who tirelessly serves the community through nonprofit organizing and empowerment.

The late Walter Bremond was a dedicated activist, civil rights leader, and co-founder of the Black United Fund movement.